Saturday, March 12, 2016

Closing Out the Year

Last Friday marked the end of the 3rd quarter for my Junior year. Honestly, I can not wait for this year to be over, just for the simple fact that I am ready for summer. It is true that when looking back upon this year I would say that it feels to have gone by very fast, yet when going day to day as is only possible things seem normally slow. This fourth quarter promises to bring things that I want and am ready for such as warmer days and just time off for vacation in general. The only things that I am not looking forward to are the long academic processes of an AP test, an ACT test, and just finals in general. I am overall generally excited to be moving on to my Senior year in high school and feel that I am ready to get high school in general over with. However when reflecting back over life in a sentimental way I feel that it will be hard. What the future holds I have a general idea but no specifics as is usually the case. It seems that life will always go on whether that is good or bad I do not know. I have made many memories over high school and miss those situations, but certainly I must be making memories now for the future. Whatever the case must be, I am ready in terms of a progress standpoint but not so much in an emotional one. My only real proposed focus is to try to think and make decisions that I will love and remember for the rest of my life. But whether or that focus remains is  yet to be determined.
Without Wax,
Chris S.

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