Saturday, March 26, 2016

Observances About Days Off

So as most of the probable reader of this blog knows this week is Spring Break. Now as is usual we as a school get a week off plus the two weekends and usually one other day off. In the past, at least to my recollection, this extra day off occurred on the Monday after the week. However, I realize that this is probably based on where Spring Break falls in accordance to Easter. Regardless, this brings me to my point of whether getting a 3 day weekend is better when the day off is on a Monday or Friday. In my personal opinion, I find 3 day weekends with  Mondays off much better for the simple reason that personally I find in the week before the long weekend I am excited and it gives me something to look forward too as well as seemingly shortening my week. Then I get to enjoy a long weekend.When the weekend is done with the Monday off, that day off shortens that upcoming week, starts the school week on a Tuesday, and ultimately for makes that week go seemingly faster. However, my friend disagrees with me and feels that a long weekend with Friday is better for the simple reason that it shortens one week, and if the day off was on Monday, Tuesday would soon have the "usual horrible Monday feels". For me this logic does not apply, and thus I find it personally questionable, but perhaps to him it actually works. Regardless, I think that 4 day long weekends are the best, and week off breaks trump that, and summer vacation trumps all.
Without Wax,
Chris S.

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