Saturday, March 19, 2016

Problems with P.E.

For the majority of the time, school for me, is usually an experience where I am delighted to be done at 3:15. Often I do not want anything to do with school. I procrastinate on homework, try to waste as much time in class as possible, and often just try to go through school my school day as fast as possible just to be done with it. However, there are a few constant exceptions such as P.E. and lunch. For the latter, it is because it is a time to socialize and of course eat. However, for P.E. it is a time where I can usually have fun, socialize, play a game, and have a competition. Also, after many hours of just sitting at a desk and learning it feels good to just have a break. For the most part I enjoy P.E.. I enjoy most of the games we play and most of all I enjoy the competition between the two teams in my class. Now, this brings me to my first point of how the competition in my opinion makes games fun. However, there are several things that can ruin this competition. Things such as cheap plays. For example, in my class we only have about 14 people max, and thus when we play games like kickball or long ball over two basketball floors there is no way that one team can have people to cover all areas. Thus, when people do cheap things, and I will admit that I have done these things, such as bunting the ball it takes the fun out of the game. Another example would be in a situation like that of baseball's infield fly rule, (which to my understanding is that if a ball is a fly ball in or around the infield the in fair territory, with runners on base the batter is automatically called out so that the infielders can not purposely drop the ball and get a double or triple play on the runners that are tagging up), comes up people take advantage of it and get double plays because that rule is not enforced. Another thing that ruins the competition in general is people not trying which is annoying. Also, fitness days in general are just a pain. I understand that they are probably mandated by some state law in order to have an actual way of enforcing kids to stay in shape, however, I feel that they are completely unnecessary if people try in the games, and thus get a good work out. Also it is just a mood killer to be expecting the normal relief from school that P.E. offers to have to do a fitness day, meaning running and other body weight exercises. Not that I mind running or the exercises it is just that I would rather play a game.
Without Wax,
Chris S. 

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