Saturday, April 9, 2016


Today I had the pleasure of taking the ACT. This pleasure consisted of having to go to bed at a decent time (I know such an unfortunate occurrence), waking up at 7, going to school on a Saturday to take a four hour-ish test. Was it worth the time? I personally would have preferred not to have taken the test, however considering the fact this test was very important for my future self, I suppose I will have to accept the value of the test. The test itself I thought was not too bad, albeit there were questions that I didn't know how to how to answer. Altogether in my opinion the worst part of the test was the science part because of the style of question. These questions consisted of a lot of graphs, chart, and miscellaneous information with the actual questions having you dissect the entire display of information, a task that was both time consuming and hard. However only time will tell of whether or not I did well. Personally, I do not have a goal of which to score, my only goal of taking the ACT today was to just take it, to get that off the checklists of the rites of passages to the future. Overall, I feel that the test was a decent, and relatively accurate to the topics that I have learned over my duration in school.  I know that some people find this device as inaccurate and unfair measure to people in determining  their future. However, I personally didn't find a problem with it, but I could see that a person could definitely have a problem with it. To the future, I guess, hmm... I have no idea... and this is going nowhere.
Without Wax,
Chris S.

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