Saturday, April 30, 2016

Things to Do

As I close out the school year, I have several major things that I have to do before starting summer. One, this weekend I have to go to an awards banquet. Two, next Friday I have to take an AP History test. The test, however much I don't want to take because of the probable high difficulty, is unfortunately something I have to do because of the fact that it would not be worth it to take a decently hard history class and not at least attempt to get something out of it. Also, I need to get a summer job. At this point in my life I have applied to Savoias and Kroger. Last year for my summer employment I worked at McDonald's Restaurant. Despite any negative reputation that McDonald's may have, it was actually not to bad. All I had to do was cook the food by pressing buttons and restocking. Sure, the environment was semi-discussing, but overall the experience wasn't too bad. Regardless of how not bad it was, I would prefer not to work there and thus am trying to get a job before college kids come how for summer and take up a lot of them. Besides that, the only things on my agenda are finals, which like my AP test, I don't want to take at all just because they are mind numbing, but they are I guess a necessary evil.
Without Wax,
Chris S.

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