Saturday, May 7, 2016

AP Test and Other Thingys

On Friday, May 6, I took my U.S. AP History class and thus end my career as a U.S. AP student, because from now on in the class we are going to be watching historical movies that we pick out, and we don't have a final. In regards to the test, I thought I did very well on the multiple choice and okay on the writing, however, we will see. I am personally happy to be done with the class, not because I hated the class, but because the class was hard and it is always nice to be done with hard things. In regards to the movies we are watching, we are starting Selma on Monday, and then after that we get to choose another movie. The only bad thing was that the test took all of the half day that we had, was mind numbing, and stressful (because of studying and the actual process). I also believe that Mayfete was on Friday, and while I personally didn't attend or help in any way I do hope that it was an enjoyable time for everyone especially, the senior girls. Now, the year is coming closer and closer to an end and to be honest it is semi-unreal that next year is my senior year. The sentiments are real. I just really don't want to take finals... but what can I do? Also, if they take away the no finals thing for seniors with a certain score on their ACT I will be heated... because I don't want to take them again. In other news, it looks like Trump has a chance for the Whitehouse... so I don't even know. At this point this is the last sentence of my blogs if I am correct and if not well... and am just rambling at this point so bye.

May your swords stay sharp, may the sun be at your back, and the wind beneath your wings.
Without Wax,
Chris S.

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